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If you’re going to make it as a freight broker, you’re going to have to develop your sales skills. Freight broker sales tips are everywhere, but we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best freight broker sales tips from around the internet so you don’t have to.


Cold Calling is about Process, Confidence and Commitment

Freight broker sales tips are wide ranging, but when it comes to growing a logistics company, you’re going to have to become good at cold calling. There’s just no way around it.

Process: First off, you need to have a script. Why? Because you need to manage how you talk to prospects and control the variables involved in selling. The script you follow will work. As you go, you can test a different variant of your script to see if it works better than the first version. You may also eventually develop a different style of script for people in different regions of the country. You may find that your cold open for a female in Alabama is different than how you start a conversation with a male in Massachusetts. The more variables in your process you can control, the faster you will find a process and style that works best for you.

Confidence: The problem with making cold calls isn’t that you’re annoying the person you’re calling. The problems start when you don’t present yourself and speak with confidence once someone does pick up the phone. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a draining process. But be regimented about the times of day you make calls, and be disciplined with the number of calls you make. Maybe you could improve if you had click-t0-call functionality as part of your CRM system?

HubSpot has a solid, free system to try. But, you want to be feeling confident, energetic but relaxed when making calls. If you are uncomfortable, that tension, that discomfort is going to come through in your tone, whether you realize it or not. So, set out a plan each day. Break your calling up into quarters. And remember, smile before you dial. Of all the freight broker sales tips you come across in your research, this one is probably the most important.

Focus on pulling out problems. Don’t sell anything unless explicitly asked.

When you do get a shipper on the phone, your mission is not the one call close. Unfortunately, just because you are cold calling does not mean you can use the Jordan Belfort penny stock pitch from The Wolf of Wall Street. (But, you should take note of the fact that he is enjoying himself while on the call.)

What you should do when you get someone on the phone is get your prospect talking, and hopefully talking about any problems or pain points they may be experiencing. This is how you learn about their business and learn about the opportunities you have to become a freight supplier that they value greatly. When you get a prospect to hit on something that’s not going quite right for them, ask more questions about that problem. You want to focus on digging deeper into that specific problem. The more you can uncover the pain, and even pain the prospect didn’t realize they were experiencing, the more opportunity you will find to become their pain relief, or problem solver.

Do your research before the call.

Want to really get a shipper’s attention? Do your research before the call. Yes, this takes time, but, if a shipper receives 100 calls a day, answers the phone 20 times, 10 people are friendly and five demonstrate that they know something about the shipper’s business, you can see who has moved to the front of the line pretty quickly.

If the prospect that you’re calling on makes a component that goes into some other finished product, well, what is the finished product? Are you calling on a muffler manufacturer in Sandusky OH? Those mufflers could very well be on their way to Detroit to be put into a car. Now, you might be saying to yourself, “but they have 1,001 freight brokers calling them for business.”. You’re right. BUT, you can apply this same logic to other industries. Use it to differentiate yourself through showing you are already familiar with their business.

Freight broker sales tips: know your own stats.

There is an off-chance that a prospect asks you specifically about your freight, your current customers and your capabilities. You need to be able to talk competently about your business. The best way to do this is to have everything tracked in your transportation management software. You will you be able to tell your prospect that you can see exactly where your freight is at all times. And you could even share impressive (hopefully) details around your on time delivery percentage over the last week or month. Maybe even mention how you have plenty of capacity in key areas where your prospect might need support. The data you track should be used as an asset. Particularly when it makes sense to demonstrate your abilities to a prospect.


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