How do Freight Brokers Find Shippers? 5 Ways to Generate Leads at Your Freight Broker Business

“How do freight brokers find shippers?” The question is as old as the shipping industry itself. Freight broker software has evolved and has made it easier for freight brokers to run their business. There are still some tried-and-true methods for answering the question, “How do freight brokers find shippers?”.

You want to be adding customers who can provide you steady, reliable freight on lanes you are able to cover. Doing this with healthy margins is essential if you want to grow your freight broker business. But how do freight brokers find shippers? It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or consume your entire day if you’re a small operation. Not if you’re smart and savvy about your approach.

Here we’ll look at 5 ways you can generate leads for your freight broker business to help you answer the age-old question: How do freight brokers find shippers?

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